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Another Wiper Conversion: by Garth Morris. Well as everyone has heard, I’ve decided to change my wipers over to a system that doesn’t involve a park circuit. This has the main advantage of being instantaneous when the wiper switch is activated. (89.3 Kb)
Donning the Speedos: by Phillip McCumisky. I recently purchased a December build Executive which was not sold new by the Leyland Geelong dealers in Victoria until March 1974. This car was equipped with a km speedo, as I understand it, the car... (397.1 Kb)
Intermittent Wiper Conversion: by Jilden Reichardt. Using Ford XD-EF intermittent module (single speed delay). New approximately $30, second hand $5-$10 (47.1 Kb)
Oils for a Classic Car: CHACA Article - Jan 2006. During my weekly fill at the local Caltex station, I saw they had introduced 'Classic' motor oil for old car engines in good condition. As it was rated SG and not the current SK or SL and did not... (79.9 Kb)
Painting of Clear Front Indicators: by Scott Reynolds. I bought a pair of new front indicators for my Apricot V8, I had to decide if I would colour the indicator lenses orange, or leave them clear & use orange globes. (45.3 Kb)
Radiator Additives: Robin Phipson - N.E.South African Jaguar Club. Written with the knowledge that it might possibly offend 95% of the-radiator additive salesmen amongst us. Nevertheless, judging by the overwhelming number of people that... (63.0 Kb)
Refurbish Your Seats: by Mick Clarke. To make your seats like new you have to replace the Pirelli webbing in both base and back squab of the seat. (93.4 Kb)
Regular Brake Checks May Save Ps and P-Nuts!: by Darren Holt. It was a fine Saturday morning, the sun was shining in all its glory and there was not a cloud in the sky. So I decided to finally have a look at that sticking rear brake! (76.4 Kb)
Starter Motor for P76: by Tony DeLuca. This subject has been covered in the past, however there still appears confusion on which starter motor mates with which ring gear/drive plate (174.4 Kb)
Stop your P76 Rusting: by Robert Hutcheon. So you've owned your car for quite a while. It used to be in good condition but as time goes on you've noticed a bit of corrosion here and there and a damp smell to the interior. (106.9 Kb)