Club History

On the 6th of December 1981, a gathering of enthusiastic P76 owners took place in Parramatta Park in N.S.W. From the discussion at the gathering the decision to form a club was made and a committee was formed to co-ordinate development. This was to become the NSW P76 Club.

During these deliberations it was discovered that a similar movement was taking place in Adelaide. Contact was made with this group, and the two clubs collaborated to establish a national constitution. Several outings were then planned to publicize the formation of the  club and to encourage further membership. A club magazine was established with a view to publicizing further activities and also to provide a forum for the dissemination of relevant technical and general information. The P76 movement had started. There are now P76 Clubs in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and in New Zealand.

The Leyland P76 Owner's Club of Victoria

A meeting of P76 owners was held in Melbourne on Sunday 3rd April 1983 to consider the formation of a Victorian branch of the Leyland P76 Owners Club of Australia. Members of both the N.S.W and S.A clubs attended. An interim committee was formed to advertise the creation of a Victorian club, find a initial meeting location and to make all the necessary arrangements to get the Victorian Leyland P76 club launched.
The first official Victorian Club meeting was held in "Jell's Park" in Melbourne on the 19th June 1983. 44 P76 cars and their owners and families attended. Presented with brilliant weather, this formation meeting became part social barbecue, part meeting and lasted for most of the day. A management committee was elected and our founding committee consisted of


Michael Brown

Vice President

Alf Shepard


Stan Ozelis


Bob Maskiel


Jack Jefferies

Deputy Registar

Val Jefferies

Parts Member

Geoff White

Social Secretary

Phill Barker

One of the first decisions made by this committee was to publish a club newsletter.  This first newsletter was published in December 1983 . From such humble beginnings our club has progressed  for over 27 years , supporting its members and one of Australia's most significant cars.  In July 2014, the club decided on a name change to include our members resident in Tasmania. The number of such members had been increasing over the previous two years, and it was thought only fair to recognise their contribution. The Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria and Tasmania has over 55 members and is always looking for more keen P76 enthusiasts or those who wish to own one of these great Australian cars.

The club holds a  concourse (show and shine) and a number of other events,which are published in the club magazine which is produced about 9 times per year membership is currently $60 per year (family membership is $75) and the club is incorporated and is fully insured.

The club is able to advise members on technical matters, and contrary to what many people may think, engine, drive train and other usable parts are readily available for the P76 and what can't be bought off the shelf is often re-manufactured by the state clubs.

The Leyland P76 remains cheap to run, enjoyable and safe to drive and a true Aussie family car way ahead of its time in its engineering development. While there was a period when the average P76 was not well loved or looked after, over recent years as the value of the car increased, and its engineering excellence was recognised, the standard of the cars has steadily improved with the P76 becoming a more valuable and collectable classic car then the Holden Ford or Valiant of the same era.It is largely through the various P76 clubs, including the Victorian club, that this trend is progressing.

So , help us continue the life of this wonderful truly Australian Classic car and join us – The club will help you find a good car at a very reasonable price, and assist with spares and advice in your efforts to restore it.

If you would like to know more, email  a member of our committee today.

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