A Bit about the Car

The Leyland P76 is the only large family car designed and built in Australia. Just over 18,000 were built at the Leyland Zetland plant in NSW during 1973 to 1974. A further 650 were assembled in New Zealand from Completely Knocked Down kits.

The P76 was manufactured with both an alloy V8 engine (4.4 litre based on the Buick / Rover 3.5 litre engine;) and an in line 6 cylinder iron engine (2.6 litre based on the Leyland engine fitted to the Kimberley).

The car was made in three different models; the base line Deluxe, the Super and the top of the line Executive. The only difference between these models was the trim levels. Each model was available with either engine; with a 4 speed manual floor shift, 3 speed manual column shift or a 3 speed automatice gearbx (Borg Warner 35) with either column or floor mounted T bar shift.

In 1974 a Targa Florio option pack was also made available – this was based on the Super model but also included special stripes on the body work, special colours, a limited slip differential and a laminated windscreen.

P76 non metallic colours included: Corinthian Blue (turquoise), Am-I-Blu (sky blue), Oh Fudge (brown), Hairy Lime (lime green), Home on Th'Orange (orange), Plum Loco (pink), Bitter Apricot (burnt orange), Spanish Olive (olive green), Dry Red (claret red), Bold as Brass (yellow), Country Cream (cream), and Crystal White (white). Metallic colours were Omega Navy (navy blue), Peel me a Grape (purple), Nutmeg (brown), and Aspen Green (green). Oceana Green was a colour shade introduced late in 1974. Two other colour choices were introduced in the late production era, Oceana Green and Pimento (Orange) (NZ only). Vehiscle painted in these two colours are quite rare.

Interior colours included Imperial Leather (brown),Antique Parchment (cream/buff), Casino Blue (blue), and Black. White was also available but mainly used on Force 7 vehicles.

A two door hatchback version of the car called the Force 7 was manufactured but never released, with only 9 vehicles being sold at auction. This is a very rare car.

Three station wagons were manufactured at the Zetland Plant. One was destroyed during crash testing; one was destroyed by Leyland following durability testing and the last was sold to a Sydney spare parts dealer.

The P76 actually won the Wheels Car of the Year Award in 1974. Despite its treatment by Government and due to many factors outside the control of Leyland Australia, the P76 was an outstanding car for the day.

As stated in Gavin Farmer's book on the P76 “Leyland P76 – Anything but Average”. “Was the P76 a bad car? No it was not. Flawed perhaps. Technically it was regarded by many critics as superior to its competitors – General Motors' Holden HQ Kingswood; Ford's XA Falcon; and Chrysler's VJ Valiant – and had a higher local content than any of them.”

There are P76 owners Clubs in all states of Australia (except Tasmania) and the Northern Territory. There is also a very active P76 Owners Club in New Zealand.

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2018 Leyland P76 National Meeting

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Leyland P76, the Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria and Tasmania hosted a National Meeting over Easter 2018 in the beautiful Murray River city of Wodonga.

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Targa Florio Australian Tribute 2017


It's not often that our cars are part of modern history, but on Sunday the 3rd of December our members joined cars from around the world to be part of the first ever Targa Florio held outside Italy!  

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About the Club

The P76 Owners Club of Victoria and Tasmania Inc is a non profit club. The Club was formed to promote the Leyland P76 motor car, and to preserve this unique Australian motoring icon as part of Australian motoring history.  The Club was formed on the 3rd April 1983 at Jells Park in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Today the Club numbers over 50 members who own upwards of 100 P76's of various models. Some of our members have owned their cars since new. The Club is open to anyone who shows an interest in the P76 in particular, and other Leyland vehicles in general. You don't even have to own a P76 to be a member – just love the marque.

There are several types of membership including a single person membership; family membership; and life membership. Membership fees are due at the start of July each year, and there is a small joining fee.

One thing they all have in common – they are all passionate about their Leyland cars.

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As a member of the Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria and Tasmania you will be able to help preserve the history of this outstanding car that did so much to assist in the creation of the Australian Car industry today.

The Club holds regular events including attending car displays and undertaking Club runs to places of interest. A favourite is our annual run into country Victoria where we spend a long weekend enjoying our cars, each others company and the beautiful Victorian countryside.

A Club magazine “Anything but Average” is published eight to ten times a year, which contains articles of interest to members including technical articles, details of cars and parts for sale and those that are sought by members.

The Club maintains a comprehensive stock of spare parts including some NOS items, and can provide extensive advice to support members in maintaining and refurbishing their cars.

The objectives of the Club are to:

  • preserve and protect the unique history of the products associated with Leyland
  • preserve and protect the products of Leyland through restoration, reconditioning and modification
  • promote friendship, comradeship and enjoyment between all owners of the products of Leyland
  • foster in the community at large an understanding and appreciation of the products of Leyland and to further understand their impact on Australian history
  • encourage excellence in the products of Leyland in both standard and modified form, whilst still complying to all applicable standards and regulations
  • organize and/or promote activities conclusive to the interests to the members of the Club
  • coordinate parts, information and supplies for the products of Leyland for the benefit of the Clubs members
  • print and/or circulate periodicals, documents and publications containing information considered to be of interest or assistance to the members , supporters and general public alike.

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P76 Literature

Not many cars, particularly one with such a short history have had two books written about them. These books are:

“Leyland P76 – The Definitive Guide to Australia's most controversial car”, by Hal Maloney. Published in 2002 by Marque Publishing Company Pty Ltd.


“Leyland P76 – anything  but average”, by Gavin Farmer. This book is a history of a uniquely Australian Motor car.  Published in 2008 by Ilinga books.



Both are very well worth reading and give not only a most comprehensive history of the P76 and Leyland Australia, but also provide an insight into the Australian motoring industry of the 1970's and earlier.

They contain many articles and historic documents from the 1970's about the P76, and a huge number of excellent articles from the news media of the day, together with some superb photography.