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P76 Literature

Not many cars, particularly one with such a short history have had two books written about them. These books are:

“Leyland P76 – The Definitive Guide to Australia's most controversial car”, by Hal Maloney. Published in 2002 by Marque Publishing Company Pty Ltd.

“Leyland P76 – anything  but average”, by Gavin Farmer. This book is a history of a uniquely Australian Motor car.  Published in 2008 by Ilinga books.

Both are very well worth reading and give not only a most comprehensive history of the P76 and Leyland Australia, but also provide an insight into the Australian motoring industry of the 1970's and earlier.

They contain many articles and historic documents from the 1970's about the P76, and a huge number of excellent articles from the news media of the day, together with some superb photography.